The Challenge

Owned by Davidson Morris (a B2B & B2C immigration legal advice service), Working Status determine a persons right to work, study and rent in the UK. They provide proof, legislative information and immigration control information to enable employers, universities and landlords to carry out legally compliant immigration checks.

The Right to Work Project required a user-friendly, legally compliant iOS & Android app that allowed companies to efficiently and securely determine a person's right to work, study or rent in the UK. They approached us to provide them with a bespoke, multi-interface web development solution that was highly secure. It also needed to be accessible to the legal team so they can update legislative amends and documentation. 

The Solution

Using pay-as-you-go Azure cloud hosting, our in-house team provided a scaleable, low-cost and EU compliant solution with regular pen testing to avoid potential security breaches. 

Using the same scanner technology used at passport control, we wrote complex code that integrated desktop and laptops with scanner software, with user friendly journeys to guide companies through the validation process. We also built a fully encrypted document matrix that allowed lawyers to maintain and update the system with new documents and legislative changes.

The Results

By enabling the easy integration of scanning software, we vastly limited costs to the user, improving sales opportunities. The app also enabled much quicker client on-boarding, and made the process simple and efficient. 

We put the Right to Work Project ahead of the competition with document upload ability, giving them the tools to provide proof of the right to work, as well as additional proof in the form of legally compliant support documentation.