At Felinesoft we take pride in going that extra mile to ensure that we understand the customers’ needs and requirements before embarking on the delivery process.

Understanding the problem

Felinesoft have a tried and tested approach to problem definition that combines best practices from the User Experience (UX) and Business Analysis (BA) disciplines. We embrace the principles of User Centric Design so to guarantee that the intended end user of the system is championed throughout the process. This approach is augmented with an understanding of the problem domain and real world concerns like budgets, schedules and deadlines. The key stakeholders are interviewed along with potential end users so that all perspectives are heard, analysed fed into the design of everything we do.


Drafting a Solution

It is important to Felinesoft that our customers have confidence in our ability to address their needs in the most comprehensive and efficient manner. To this end, the findings of our discovery and analysis process are collated as industry-standard UX outputs including user personas, user journeys, wireframes and user stories.

At each step of the process, the customer is kept engaged and feedback from key stakeholders is incorporated. Design decisions are backed up with finding from analysis so that the business case for each is clearly understood. 

Formalizing the offering

The culmination of the requirements definition phase is an interactive prototype that lets the customer visualise the intended deliverable before any development work takes place. At this stage, amendments can be made at next-to-no cost to get the design just right. This process gives our customers the confidence that the development will produce an end product that will effectively address the problem at hand.

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