The Brief:

Premier Vet Alliance has been a client of Felinesoft since the end of 2013. They are primarily a Veterinary Group who provide a wide range of services to a number of Veterinary Practices including Pet Care Plan. They had a requirement to track and record the following:-

  • List of Veterinary Practices and Contacts that they support
  • Provision to do Telemarketing Sales Tracking for a wide range of Veterinary practices.
  • Record and Track what Service PVA are currently providing in terms of:-
  • The type of animals being treated by the practice
  • The type of service being provided by PVA
    • Worm / Flea treatments
    • Vaccinations
    • Pet Food Supplies
  • Which Buying Group do each Account belong to
  • Information relating to Pet Care Plan

The Challenge:

Premier Vet Alliance were using spreadsheets to manage a complicated telemarketing process for Flea & Worm and Vaccinations. This was a very inefficient, manual process and error prone. Overcoming this, and implementing a solution was the primary requirement for the new system.


Felinesoft have developed an application that utilises the following components:-

  • CRM Online to manage the various Veterinary Practices Sales opportunities from inception to completion and managing the various stages of a Telemarketing from enquiry through the providing the services requested
  • Provide assistance with their Telemarketing Pipeline processes and make more automated linked (links?) to their current Flea / Worm program.
  • Provide information relating to animal vaccination programmes provided by various veterinary practices and need to be reviewed as part of telemarketing.

CRM Standard and Bespoke Entities used to support the Solution are:-

  • Sales Teams and Territory Management – used to track and record the different sales team and what territories they currently cover
  • Account Management – used to manage the various Veterinary Practices and Product Suppliers
  • Contact Management – used to manage the various Practice Contacts and Pet Owners – each pet owner will be linked to a pet
  • Opportunity Management – new Opportunities generated via the Telemarketing process and will have telephone activities associated. Won Opportunities will have an associated Appointment Activity associated.
  • Products – used to store and record the various treatments and products on offer including prices. These are classified into Worm/ Flea, Vaccination and Pet Foods. These are linked to Price Lists.
  • Orders – linked to Opportunities and Products – orders are converted into Sales Invoices as part of the Flea/ Worm marketing process
  • Pet – bespoke entity used to record details of Pets Owners’ pets
  • Phone Call – bespoke entity created to track and record telemarketing phone calls and this uses a special Workflow to manage the processing of new Orders via the tool. This is managed by a customised dialog
  • Telemarketing import – bespoke entity used to store results of the initial data import from a variety of Excel spreadsheets.