Crawl, Walk, Run!


Learn how the Art Fund is embracing technology and implementing cultural change to help them stay relevant now and in the future. 

In our session, we’ll be looking at how COVID-19 has accelerated the way Art Fund staff are adapting to meet the joint challenges of working from home and continuing to fulfil their mission to support UK museums and galleries.. 

When sales of their membership product, and hence revenue, took a nose dive in March, they pressed ahead with their ongoing investment in technology and digital transformation, to ensure they could support the sector through the crisis and hit the ground running as the sector opened up 

Mary Pitt, Head of Technical Development and Operations for the Art Fund will share her experience of how they’re ….                                                                                                                  

  • becoming more agile, empowering staff to experiment and adopting a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach
  • educating staff to become more focussed on metrics to achieve their business objectives
  • they’re continuously evolving user journeys and drilling into their data to gain insights and identify trends to drive new marketing initiatives, support recruitment and retention and strengthen overall engagement online  

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Chase is free for Leaders and Managers of non-profit organisations.

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8th September - 10:30