Introduction to the project.

Les Mills International was going through a complete rebranding. Requiring an international, multi-regional and multi-lingual website we were able to build this for Les Mills on Umbraco.

The Challenge:

Felinesoft was commissioned to join the Les Mills team in a cross border, international effort to rebrand LMI, and begin the process of centralising their corporate message. The overall strategy was to allow the local markets to control and grow their foothold whilst maintaining the brand identity and reducing the overhead of the digital team in Auckland.


What was needed:

Les Mills needed to update and improve their web presence. Previously the Les Mills global web presence was made up from a collection of individually managed websites for each geographic location that were loosely linked together. This was causing serious issues when it came to maintaining the brand identity and the entire management of the website content.


What was delivered:

The solution chosen was a distributed build on Umbraco 7, running on the Azure cloud platform. Designed to be modular in its approach, the solution is scaled to allow future development in all regions and languages. This has resulted in an extendable and thus, editable, future proofed system that can grow with the clients’ expanding business as and when new requirements are defined.

The whole website is built in a responsive way to give users on small platforms and mobile devices the same experience as desktop users. The webpages themselves were built to be easily interpreted by anyone wishing to edit or replace any content on the site. Web page editors can happily edit their content whilst still working within the design rules so that the corporate branding such as specific colours, fonts, and videos are maintained.


What was the impact:

The website has Geo-location technology built in, allowing users the ability to find and contact gyms in their local area which are running LesMills classes via a set of easy to use filters. This all came together to deliver a great site for Les Mills that will now be rolled out around the world through a series of phases. Check it out at