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Dynamics 365 - a better choice for Non-Profits

A Better Choice for Non Profits?

Organisations have become more productive, efficient, and profitable in recent years as a result of rapid technological improvements. In the past, workflows were dependent on manual processes, spreadsheets, and paper-based transactions, whereas organisations are today reliant on the underpinning technology at their very core to support almost every workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM currently manages and automates tasks such as:

  • Data analytics for security
  • Collaboration tools as well as
  • Professional resources to assist a non-profit
To add further challenge, Non-profits must deal with a variety of processes and solutions that must be smart and secure. But Above all, these solutions must be adaptable to their specific industry procedures. And this is why Microsoft Dynamics, supported by the Felinesoft frameworks provides the perfect solution. 

We've compiled a list of the most crucial reasons why Dynamics 365 is a superior solution for non-profits:

A single database unit:

Non-profit organisations must deal with numerous departments at the same time. In fact, there are times when they must deal with a large amount of information at the same time.
Dynamics 365 CRM is a software that manages all departments through a single database. As a result, it acts as a single unit for all operations, providing a 360-degree perspective across departments while eliminating data silos.

Custom-made systems - FS Frameworks: 

One of the major setbacks of previous management solutions is that, as a non-profit, you have to adjust your business according to features provided by the software.

With the release of Dynamics 365 CRM, you can customize the systems and amend them the way you want! Furthermore, the use of accelerators like our Felinesoft Frameworks makes the process even faster!

A single interaction dashboard:

Non-profit organisations are made up of individuals such as volunteers, constituents, and beneficiaries who must engage with one another.
Dynamic 365 CRM assists by providing a single platform where all of these conversations can occur at any time. It genuinely generates a 360-degree organisational span on a single dashboard!

Easy integrations:

Dynamics 365 is capable of integrating across Microsoft offerings and 3rd parties. Some of them are:

  • Dynamics GP
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft application office
  • Third party applications (QuickBooks, Dotdigital, Payment Gateways etc )
  • Other calendars

Improved market research management:

You can absolutely improve your email marketing capabilities using Microsoft Dynamics 365. It works with add-ons to track answers, send emails, track click-through rates, and even organise information.

Grant Management that works: 

The grant administration system is poorly managed in many non-profits.
With the introduction of the Felinesoft Grant Management  Framework, staff can track the process from start to finish till it is released and installed at the organisation.
Furthermore, it is a cost-effective service that allows you to automate renewals and reminders while keeping them available to others.

Using Dynamics 365 to acknowledge Donations & Gifts:

Custom gift acknowledgments to your constituents are another fantastic feature provided  by Felinesoft's Dynamic 365 frameworks.
All you have to do is create an email template that will automatically fill in their receipt information, and presto! You're finished.

Donation receipts can also be provided immediately following a donation.

Track Donation Progress:

Dynamics 365’s business process flows provide a proper structure to your Moves Management process. It directs you and aids in collecting crucial data points which are required at every stage.

Maintains confidentiality:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with full confidentiality and protects your data according to standards set by Microsoft’s security team.

It is a General Data Protection Regulation compliant product that will have data backup options which will guard you against any disastrous loss.


To summarise, Dynamics CRM is an excellent out-of-the-box solution. However, it is essential to understand that not all demands are the same! This is where our Frameworks give the perfect alignment to meet your specific requirements and provide the optimal all-around solution for your organisation.
You can manage all of your interactions, from grant management, to personalised communications, Membership and just about every other important operation from a single highly integrated solution.

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