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Selling your internal business case for technology projects

An interview with Chelsea Shelley, Chief Operations and Membership Officer, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Selling your internal business case for technology projects, getting budget approval, with organisational alignment and support

Making the case for the right change and the right budget while getting buy-in and alignment from top to bottom before the project starts

Non-profits leaders struggle to make the case for new technology projects while knowing that being stuck on the wrong tech is wasteful, expensive and disempowering. 

Getting agreement on the right spend for the right “transformative” project is a vital first step for a successful project. Conversely, failure to set expectations on budgets, timelines and staff-resourcing can ensure your project has failed before it begins or will never get off the ground.

A good business case and roadmap must ensure transparency and agreement on:

  • The challenges and ambitions of the organisation  
  • The feasible options to address both the challenges and ambitions with the right programme of change (for instance, whether to invest-in or replace current technologies)  
  • The true costs of each pathway forward, including staff time and external resources 
  • Recommendations for the way forward, including benefits, ROI and risks 
  • A high-level roadmap of changes for the duration of the project  

In this interactive session we will examine the questions below: 

  • Where do I start? I have lots of problems in lots of areas, many dependent on each other 
  • How do I get the facts to support my decisions? Possible options, possible costs, timeframes, roadmaps and resources? 
  • What about benefits, risks and ROI? 
  • How do I get everyone on board? What about the SMT, finance committee, board of trustees, and members or supporters? 


  • How to get started and what to include 
  • How to build unanimity and alignment with different stakeholders 
  • How to “unblock” the process while having confidence that the business case presented will not cause embarrassment later

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