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Age UK Case study

Intuitive. Functional. Adaptable

"The brief from Age UK was for their new website to be highly intuitive, usable and customisable for their users" - Ralph Johnson, Managing Director, Felinesoft. 

The Client:

The challenge

The merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged resulted in the formation of the biggest UK charity dedicated to supporting elderly individuals. As a part of the merger, two websites had to be combined to create a cohesive source of information. The consolidation process involved careful consideration of varying branding and content. In order to maximize their impact, Age UK recognised the need to incorporate interactive design elements into their new website to enhance user engagement. This required extensive planning and analysis to ensure that the final product met the necessary standards.


What was needed

The brief from Age UK was for their new website to be highly intuitive, usable and customisable for their users. The interface required simplicity for ease of use. Accessibility was a key factor, with W3C compliance being a vital component. 


What was delivered

Our team developed the initial Age UK website, which included inventive and supportive design features to accommodate users with cognitive and functional differences. We provided a foundational framework that was scalable, adaptable, and resilient, enabling the Age UK team to manage and update their content autonomously. By utilising a Microsoft centralised database and content management system, Age UK had the freedom and flexibility to expand and collaborate with any Microsoft-approved partner in the future. This was a crucial consideration for Age UK, as they wanted to avoid being restricted by limited supplier options.


What was the impact

The updated Age UK website offered an effortless, adaptable, and inclusive online platform, empowering them to advance their new objective of unifying under a single brand following the Age Concern and Help the Aged merger.



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